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Clay Spot Redesign



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Visual Lead

Team Members




Cary Lin


IDEO Design thinking

User Research / Interview

UX/UI design


Koko Dai


Our team was tasked with researching and finding a problem of choosing one of the local business websites in Savannah. Through the process of identifying the problem of the website, we found to identify opportunity areas and pain points, to then conceptualize and prototype a website within 10 weeks.

My role

I was in charge of the visual lead on the team. Our top priority was to maintain the atmosphere we felt when we first visited Savannah Clay Spot while appealing to Savannah Spot's unique strengths. Through exploring the current Clay Spot website, our team figured out that the current website doesn't reflect a unique clay spot's unique colors. So based on re-identifying and developing the characteristics of Clay Spot,  I was working on their visuals.

Savannah Clay Spot Webiste

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What is 
Savannah Clay Spot?

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Savannah's Clay Spot is a clay studio located in Savannah, Georgia. It's a creative space dedicated to the art of pottery, offering a range of classes and workshops for all skill levels. From beginners to seasoned potters, this studio provides a nurturing environment where individuals can explore and develop their pottery skills.

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Too many Information

There is so much information cluttered on one page so it cause confusion 

Unable to book class

Unable to book class through website (even though it’s the
primary function)

No in-store experience

The atmosphere that only Savannah Clay Spot has and what the studio aims for is not well expressed on the website. As a result, many people make reservations or make inquiries by phone rather than using the website.

How might we

help Savannah’s Clay Spot customers book classes successfully and establish clear service expectations?

What I Learned

Listen to people's voices! Our team spent weeks trying to get more people to speak and spending a lot of time organizing this information. Not all processes always go as planned, but you have to believe in the process and have the belief that it will be accomplished in the end. We are very proud of this project and believe that our process will bring small changes to big changes.

Thank you!

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