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User Testing


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User Research / Interview

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Advances in technology have made life easier, but they have also increased risks.

Cyber security has been a new threat since the internet has been published. Many of users are not aware of how cybersecurity is important while they are using smart devices.

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I have conducted interviews with various ages (20~50) from different countries to understand how people think about cybersecurity and their usage of smart home devices. Through this interview, I have asked questions related to cybersecurity and their concerns.

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The Problem

The more technology implemented in their home, the more possible cyberattacks through thier smart home devices

Many homeowners welcome the introduction of smart technology into their homes. These devices enrich their lives, but they lack trust due to low understanding and lack of access to knowledge about them. Ability to access information you need to keep to keep your home and information safe. You can put your safety back in your own hands.

How might we

Create an environment where people feel safe and comfortable within their homes

Our Solution

Meet Fort

Fort is an app where consumers are offered transparency, knowledge, and management tools. Fort’s goal is to bridges the gap between security and consumers by informing and educating the consumers about their smart home security system.

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Connects your home devices anywhere anytime

Fort allows user to control their smart home devices all in one screen. Users can connect their smart devices faster and easier to control.

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Report to secure your data

Fort analyzes the smart devices users use at home to show their cybersecurity levels. And also gives users to advice on what they can improve to protect their personal data during use the home devices

What I Learned

With intense time requirements, I have learned how to manage the schedule of the process and make outcomes effective.
And also user testing is an important process. It can make sense to me because I'm the designer who creates this but when it comes to potential users, always they bring questions and confusion.  Through this I have learned how user testing is so important and how it affects the outcomes of the product.

Thank you!

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