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UX Design & User Research

Team Project / 5 weeks

The learning experience at school isn't designed equally for every child, particularly those with inattentive behaviors who struggle with learning and following the curriculum.


To address this, I collaborated with two interactive design students to create an engaging, interactive learning device that helps children with inattentive behaviors focus better on their education.

UI Designer

Team members


Poppy Ma


Keyu Fang

Adobe Suits


IDEO Design Thinking

User Research / Interview

UI / UX Design

Cubi won 2024 Indigo awards

  • 🥇 Gold: Character Design for Social Change

  • 🥈 Silver: Product or Gadget Design, Interactive Design, Interface & Navigation for Games, Mobile Interaction & Experience, Game Design for Social Change, Character Design for Graphic Design, Interaction Design for Graphic Design, Education for Social Change

  • 🥉 Bronze: UX, Interface & Navigation, UX, Interface & Navigation, Branding for Kids, Interaction Design for Social Change, Logos for Graphic Design, Animation for Games for Graphic Design



Learning something new is hard
It's harder for kids with inattentive behavior

Challenges of Inattentive Behavior Kids

Learning something new can be very challenging not only for adults but also for children. For children exhibiting inattentive behavior, these challenges are even greater, causing them to miss out on both learning and enjoyment. This situation not only affects the children's educational progress but also adds significant stress and tension to their families as they strive to help their kids stay focused. Finding effective solutions to support these children in their learning journey is crucial for their development and well-being.



We interviewed a psychiatrist who specializes in working with young children (K-12) to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by both children and parents dealing with inattentive behavior and parents who are raising inattentive behavior children. This insightful interview provided us with a comprehensive view of the multifaceted issues, highlighting how inattentive behavior not only hinders children's academic progress but also creates significant stress for parents. By understanding these dynamics, we can develop more effective strategies to support both children and their families in overcoming these obstacles.

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Refining the insights

Through the interviews, we felt the need to investigate why children with inattentive behavior had difficulty following school classes and what external stimuli influenced them.


The Problem​

Inattentive behavior among children is causing them to miss out on learning and fun. Meanwhile, it also adds stress and tension to families as they help their kids focus.

After school experience map

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How might we

create a type of fun that enhance the learning experience for children with inattentive behavior, making it easier for them to concentrate?


Meet Cubi

CUBI aims to provide a comprehensive and accessible solution for young individuals with inattentive behavior. By gamifying educational content, CUBI makes learning fun and engaging, helping children better understand and focus on their studies.
Additionally, CUBI empowers parents with effective strategies to support their inattentive children, allowing families to regain control and thrive in their daily lives.

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Information Architecture

After decided the main feature and consulting the professional, we created an information architecture for the product.

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Design System & Branding

Recognizing that children with inattentive behavior struggle with standard fonts, we developed a design system featuring specially crafted fonts, familiar colors, and characters to guide and engage their learning journey, enhancing their reading experience.



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