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Waking up in the morning is not fun for everyone. It's especially hard in the morning when there is no motivation.

Studies show that more than 90% adolescents have difficulty waking up in the morning. This is not only related to sleep quality, but also the lack of motivation to wake up in the morning.

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Why all the alarms are just waking up people with sounds? why not their is a humor?

Sleep is the most important factor for our health in our busy daily life. That's why many people set their alarms, but have a hard time waking up in the morning. Therefore, my goal is to give various missions through the alarm design and at the same time redesign the alarm to greet a witty morning rather than a hard alarm to help you meet a planned morning.

How might we

Help people who are having issues with waking up in the morning to awake by offering the missions to wake them up as they planned for the day.


Meet Alarmi

Alarmi is an alarm app that is not like ordinary ones. Alarmi allows personalized alarm setup for users to have some sense of humors and most of all to wake them up as they planned. So they can have their day better.


Set your alarm with personalized quotes

Alarmi allows user to save their own quotes for their alarm so they can manage their morning to follow their plans


Random missions will wake you up as promised

Alarmi has multiple different missions for users to accomplish, so they will have to wake up. 

What I Learned

With intense time requirements, I have learned how to manage the schedule of the process and make outcomes effective.
And also user testing is an important process. It can make sense to me because I'm the designer who creates this but when it comes to potential users, always they bring questions and confusion.  Through this I have learned how user testing is so important and how it affects the outcomes of the product.

Thank you!

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